The castle of Frasne- le-Chateau  is situated on the east side of the homonymous village. It lays on the foundations of a medieval castle once surrounded by a ditch, which was fed by a stream flowing not far from there: the Jouanne.

The land and the castle have been Oisèlay’s property since the 13th century. Probably, in the 15th century some big works were made on the castle, as the tower on the west side, today’s main entrance and a cross vault hall on the south-east side still testify . It was probably Antoine d’Oisèlay the one who transformed again the castle at the end of the 16th century and built the north facade. In 1582 he married the niece of the cardinal de Granvelle, who was the ambassador of Prague’s emperor. For this reason  you can find a Granvelle prestigious family emblem in the castle. 

Later the castle  went to the La Baume Saint-Amour family and in 1708 it was sold to  Jean-Claude and Jean-Baptiste Rochet. Then, thanks to a wedding, the castle was transmitted to Jean-Baptiste Fraguier de Batilly. During the 18th century the land and the castle were sold to Francois Gabriel Henrion. 

Between 1835 and 1891 his son, Cesaire Emmanuel Flavien Henrion de Magnoncourt, started some major works, entrusted to Pierre Marnotte. These works gave the castle its present aspect, although some other changes were to be made, especially in the park. The castle of Frasne has got today an U-plan, where the west wing acts as entrance with the medieval tower and its porch. 

The rest of the building has been rebuilt by Pierre Marnotte in Renaissance style. Inside there are some precious elements from 19th century: plasterworks and fireplaces, parquet floors, semicircular rooms with radial parquet floors and the “all’italiana” library, with vertical lighting, covered by neo-Gothic “troppe l’oeil”. The library was transformed into chapel by the nuns of The Congregation of the Divine Providence from Ribeauvillé, who used the castle as a pension, a rest home and a school until 1991. Services The castle of Frasne opens its "Chambres d'hôte"( bed and breakfast) from the May 15th until October 15th. Prices starting from€ 50,00 per person, dinner (italian or international menu) avaliable on demand. Pilgrims on the routes of Santiago de Compostela or Via Francigena way are welcome.